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Entry: Monday, June 2, 2014
Submitted by:
Team Gunday - Hemant Pawar, Francesca Agresti, Zhen Zhang, Hugo Corbett, Thomas Ponds
Team Gunday seeks to explore the changing role of the architect in Ahmedabad as the city expands, rejecting nostalgia for the traditional Indian village, embracing the contradictions of contemporary Indian culture and acknowledging a new urban paradigm characterised by strange adjacencies, rapid expansion, form following finance, a paradigm which is unreflecting, contested, flexible and irrational. On the edge of Ahmedabad, one of Asia’s fastest growing cities in one of India’s wealthiest states, Modi and friends welcome large housing developers at the expense of local democratic processes, informal settlements, ecologies and ‘Architecture’ (in the city of Kahn, Corbusier, Correa and Doshi).
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