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Entry: Thursday, May 28, 1964
Submitted by:
Jaap Bakema Study Centre
The Netherlands
Bakema's famous TV lecture series 'Van Stoel tot Stad' [from the chair to the city] of 1961-1962 was published as a book in 1964. It was illustrated with many sketches in Bakema's hand to explain his ideas about man and his existence in what he calls 'Total Space'. The sketches explain the principles behind the numerous projects by Bakema, especially housing projects, the way scale, space and interrelations should be considered by architects and what sort of society architects could help to create. It is also a story about a new modern identity for the Netherlands, in terms of its own identity in relation to the landscape and its polders and in relation to the larger context of post-war Europe. One of the key statements reads: ‘What could be the architecure of an open society? Surely, at the very least the forms we build, should make clear that everybody has a right to a conception of life that is his own.’
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