HABITAT. Inhabited.

Laura Katharina Straehle, Ellen Rouwendal, Rohit Raj, Marlen Beckedahl

To inhabit is to make a place yours.

As part of the International Habitat Design Studio led by Prof. Balkrishna Doshi at Vastu Shilpa Foundation (India), HABITAT. Inhabited has been developed within a group of international students. The workshop served as a creative pool of ideas and inspiring discussions about social housing strategies.

Social housing in the Indian context asks for inclusive solutions in fast-growing cities facing issues of modern housing and deeply held traditions. The project deals with the question of ‚How to create a flexible social habitat that enables the lower class to create its open society and encourages interactions within the environment’ – through the means of a sensitive and culture-related architecture that benefits the society and the needs of the place.

In what way does your proposal contribute to the open society?
As an outcome of the project the empowerment of the society is reached by providing basic principles of construction letting people participate and develop their habitat. The resulting community life is characterized by diversity and interaction in order to pave the way for an open society.

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