AnG Akademie einer neuen Gropiusstadt

CUD Chair for Urban Design and Urbanization TU Berlin

AnG 2 – Campus Efeuweg. The Akademie’s first introduction into Gropiusstadt was a cooperative design project with an educational association - schools, youth and sport facilities along the Efeuweg. In order to facilitate an educational reform that encompasses a stronger cooperation between the institutions and the requirements of whole-day schooling, they aimed at developing a common campus for the students and the neighborhood.

Instead of the current assembly or isolated units, Campus Efeuweg shall become an inclusive and inspiring place. A series of cooperative design workshops negotiated what everyone could share in order to create the campus - spatially and in terms of program and maintenance. In this process, the Akademie supported the application for additional funding, accompanied and informed a design competition for a new building for the Lise-Meitner school, initiated a landscape design for a shared schoolyard and finally developed a study and guidelines for a Masterplan. The school yard design was developed by the progarten in 2013, the masterplan by kleyer.koblitz,letzel.freivogel.architekten. and plancontext landschaftsarchitektur in 2014.

The first image depicts all workshops held in 2011 in the Liebig mensa at Campus Efeuweg. The second image is a conceptual drawing of one of the student teams. It propses negotiable fenced areas that connect and divide different spaces on the campus according to the seasons.
(Images: Marie Othon / Alexander Corvinius, Laura Anghusen, Matthias Krebs)

In what way does your proposal contribute to the open society?
The Akademie einer neuen Gropiusstadt’s projects supporting Campus Efeuweg have shown that - on the basis of a strong existing community – academic urban and architecture design support can bring about change. The students’ provocative proposals have generated a basis for the users to reevaluate their potentials. Rational arguments, spatial competence and courageous projections into the future are the basis on which a shared agenda is developed.

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