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Entry: Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Submitted by:
Ami Gokani, Lukas Mahlendorf, Morgane Goffin, Lex te Loo
Netherlands, India, Germany
Water and Treasure, the two reoccurring elements in India’s Informal Dwellings. This was the basis of our design on affordable housing in a 3 months studio in Ahmedabad, India. Our bottom-up approach found its roots in the treasure box, the heart of the home, most sheltering and holy combined with the water box, which is always near treasure on all the scales. The system had a base in the community treasure around which the simple boxes were stacked sheltering the courtyard growing over time. More communities would join in a fractal based evolutionary pattern, leaving all the scales in tact and therefore having a solid social network for the arrivals.
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